How much should I be spending on a wedding photographer in Savannah, Georgia?

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May 7, 2024

Brittany McCool

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Hey there, friend! I’m guessing you are wondering about how much of your wedding budget should be spent on your wedding photographer. Well, I’m a wedding photographer in Savannah, GA and I’d love to help shed some light on that topic for you!

There are SO many decisions that go into planning your wedding day. One of the most important ones, if not THE most important (now that you’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with) decision is the photographer that you will choose! The photos from your wedding day are meant to not only tell the story of the day that you were married but they are also timeless heirlooms that are a part of the legacy that you leave to the generations after you. It is so incredibly important to invest your budget wisely on the right photographer. So let’s get down to it. How much should you budget for your wedding photographer?

“You get what you pay for.”

Pricing for a wedding photographer can vary greatly depending on your location, your desires for the day and the time you’d like them to be there. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to pricing. After more than a decade in this industry, though, I can say with certainty that each of the guiding ranges below do indicate things about the photographer advertising them.


This photographer is most likely a newer photographer who may be just starting out. Or they may possibly be doing photography as a hobby or side gig. They probably have a couple weddings under their belt or have worked as an assistant or second shooter to another photographer for a bit. They are typically looking for every opportunity to shoot a wedding as the lead photographer and will be thankful for any chance to do just that. This is a great choice for a bride on a tighter budget who is ok with a bit of novice and potentially some risk they may take in booking this photographer.


This range is opening the door to the professional photographer. She has most likely second shot or assisted on a handful of weddings and may have a decent number of weddings shot as the lead. She is focusing on growing her experience and gaining confidence and may potentially be considering education to raise her prices. Again, this person is a good choice for a bride who is looking for a photographer with more experience but may not be able to offer everything as a professional photographer as of yet.


This is a professional photographer who either has been photographing full time or will be considering it soon. They are used to being a lead photographer and have found and perfected a consistent editing style.


She is a high end professional photographer whose full-time career is photography. She will have high quality equipment, offer heirloom product resources (albums, canvases, prints, etc.), provide a great experience to her brides and is confident in her lighting and posing in all potential situations. She is in higher demand and is limiting the amount of weddings she books yearly to ensure the best experience for each of her clients.


Luxury professional photographers who have a recognizably, consistent style. They are highly sought after and are booking significantly less weddings than other photographers in their area. These photographers are similar to the $4K-$7K range photographers in their offerings, but the amount of weddings they are booking each year is drastically less than the previous photographer mentioned. This allows them to pay close attention to each of their clients and provide the best experience for a few.

So what percentage of the wedding budget are we looking at then?

Taking into account how important your photos are to you is a personal decision that may change greatly the amount that you feel comfortable investing in a photographer. And if you care deeply about how your wedding day is captured, it might be worth lowering other line items in your budget slightly to ensure the best experience possible. Here’s a few reasons why.


Location plays a huge role in the way a photographer is priced. Photographers in larger cities such as Savannah, Charleston, or Atlanta typically have higher fees due to the higher cost of living and increased demand for their services unlike rural areas where there may be less photographers available and the cost of living is significantly lower.

Experience and Expertise

Secondly, experience and expertise are super important to consider. Photographers with years of experience and strong wedding portfolios usually command higher fees. Their expertise ensures they can handle the situations that they are faced with on any given wedding day with ease. Someone who has only shot a hand full of weddings won’t be charging as much as a photographer who has been shooting weddings for years.

Package Offerings

Package offerings can affect pricing greatly. Higher end photographers include extras like engagement sessions, second shooters and heirloom resources while newer photographers may not have these offerings available. Understanding the unique items included in a photographer’s packages can help lead you to the one who will best fit your desires and needs for your wedding.


  1. Do I trust this photographer to handly my wedding day confidently, kindly and with ease?
  2. Does this photographer include a second photographer and an engagement session in their packages?
  3. Does this photographer offer professional printing services (albums, canvases, etc.)?
  4. How does this photographer ensure my images are safe following the wedding?

There are obviously so many factors that can go into how much and why you budget what you do for your wedding photographer, but I hope this information has helped to shed a little light on it for you. If you have any questions are all or would like to know what it would be like to be a BMP Bride, reach out!